Some Thoughts on the Current Crisis

The current situation seems to have been going on forever. Day after day there is more news of murder, terror, atrocities, and innocent civilians blown to bits by maniacs who send their children out with bombs strapped to their bodies. Itís ridiculous. No other nation would tolerate what the Israelis tolerate. Nor does there seem to be any sign that they will stop tolerating it in the near future. After all, they are Jews. They canít oppress anyone. They canít transfer a population. They canít commit "genocide" or "apartheid" for crying out loud. After all, thatís who the Jews are: the perpetually oppressed, powerless people who are so moral, so liberal, that they will gladly die as a people rather than act like "rednecks."

It makes me sick.

If ever there was an opportunity for the Jews of the world and those who acknowledge them to unite and take the necessary halakhic steps to prepare for the coming of Mashiach HaMelekh and the Kingdom of G-d on earth this is it.  But no word is ever uttered on the subject.  Nor will it be.

We are at war, we are being told, even by the most rightwing Orthodox Jews, with medieval savages who don't allow women to vote.  Who don't have Deweyite universal education.  With theocrats who execute people paltry little things like adultery.  With savages who haven't caught up with the "twenty-first century."  The Jewish mission is to spread democracy and enlightenment, expand suffrage, bring health care to the deprived, etc., etc., ad nauseum.  And America is being appealed to as a fellow democracy, as an enlightened society in which religion is so unimportant that it is merely the private belief of each individual, to wage war on backward, "theocratic" moslems.

Just how, in the name of everything that is reasonable, are people fighting a war with such an ideology, ever going to restore the lost Biblical polity???

The Jewish people of today do not want Mashiach Ben Yosef or Mashiach Ben David.  They want Voltaire and Woodrow Wilson.

Even among the most "Theocratically"-minded Torah nationalists we are being told that the enemy is that old enlightenment punching-bag, "hatred."  Hatred of what, pray tell?  Hatred of western enlightenment and democracy?  If so, then count me among the moslems.  No, the contemporary Torah nationalist will say, hatred of Jews.  Jew-hatred.  But what is the difference between this answer on the lips of a Torah nationalist and on the lips of the enlightenment liberal?  The enlightenment liberal has long maintained that Jew-hatred is a peculiarly virulent disease that must be eradicated.  But why?  Because, he maintains, the Jew represents "the other" and is thus the eternal victim of prejudice by the unenlightened, unsophisticated "religious fanatic."  Is that what the moslems are fighting?  You'd never know otherwise from the rhetoric about "hatred" emanating from the Orthodox camp.  Well if that is the case, then I'm ready to change my name to Mohammed.

But on the other hand, could it possibly be . . . dare one even consider the possibility that hatred of the Jews has something to do with hatred of HaShem?

You know.  HaShem.  The only reason the universe exists.  The One Who created us and gives us our every breath, our every heartbeat.  Please forgive me for mentioning such an irrelevant subject when Jews and Americans are fighting for enlightenment and democracy over the e-vil forces of "theocracy."  Please forgive me.  You see, because even the most "Theocratic" of Torah nationalist Jews in the current crisis never mentions HaShem when discussing the reason for Jew-hatred.  They could believe the whole thing comes from objection to their noses for all I know.  Heavens to Murgatroyd, we can't go around prattling about A-mighty G-d as though we were a bunch of Appalachian hillbillies.  We're Jews--the urban Eastern Seaboard sophisticates whose ancestors suffered for two thousand years to teach the world the e-vils of religious fundamentalism and the absolute necessity of religious subjectivism.  That's what we're fighting for, isn't it?  We're fighting people because they are so savage as to believe in an objective religious truth that binds them corporately as well as individually.  We're fighting for religious subjectivism, democracy, the Bill of Rights and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Count me out.  Somehow when I look at the headlines every day and read about twenty Jews massacred by some suicidal death-loving fiend it's not the Bill of Rights I yearn for.  It's not the triumph of western "enligthenment" or "tolerance" or "pluralism" or any of those things I'm told Israelis and Americans are fighting for (I almost said "Jews and Americans," but then, Israel is a secular bi-national state; it just happens to have a large Jewish population by sheer coincidence!).  No sir, I yearn for something very, very different.  I yearn for someone like Yehoshu`a Bin Nun ("Who???") to teach the moslems how it's done.  I yearn for true Theocracy under the True G-d Who created all of us.  And that's downright un-American.  And un-Israeli.  And even (according to liberal dogma) un-Jewish.  After all, the Jews couldn't do such an unenlightened thing.  The Jews are the children of the medieval martyrs who died for religious subjectivism.

Does Yehoshu`a Bin Nun have any children in the world today?  Apparently not.  Unless they're the rednecks.  But then, they're barely human!!!

History is not open-ended.  It has a definite end.  The absolute latest point for it is Ro'sh HaShanah of the year 6001.  But it would be better for us all if it came sooner.  But I don't expect it to.

We aren't hearing a word from American or Israeli or even Rabbinic leaders about the opportunity to mercifully bring history to a close for the good of everyone and usher in the Kingdom of G-d and the resurrection of our beloved dead.  No, history is apparently just going to go on forever and ever and ever.  What's the point?  The expansion of the franchise perhaps?  I suppose a thousand years from now houseflies will have the "right to vote."  Is that what the "war on terrorism" is about?

It doesn't matter that Theocracy and G-d's control of history are "un-American" or alien to our western thought-patterns.  It doesn't matter at all.  It's totally irrelevant.  All that matters is that G-d is G-d.

Ironically the moslems seem to understand this better than we do.  I pray that this situation will be remedied soon.

But I am not optimistic.